Talk Like Boris The Animal for Halloween Prank Call with Voice Changer Software

Are you ready for the fun in this Halloween? And what would your trick be?

If still not yet you get an idea on this, let the AV Voice Changer Software help you. You may also want to checkout the on going events at Audio4fun’s Halloween 2012 page for more special Halloween idea.

Unlike the AV Webcam Morpher, which may help you to have good funny tricks with scary nickfaces shared over video chat, the AV Voice Changer Software Diamond program is an ideal tool for for audio pranks and jokes.

And, in this tutorial, we would like to guide you on how to tweak your voice changer program to talk like Boris The Animal (Men in Black 3 2012).


Step 1: Basic voice changing with the Pitch and Timbre graph 

– On the main panel, click on the On/off (1) button turn on the Voice Morpher panel.

– Move the cursor (2) on the Pitch-Timbre graph (also called the Morpher graph) to change the voice.

– To archive the Boris voice, you can try with Pitch is 59% and Timbre is 115% like per below image.

Note: because each voice is characterized on pitch and timbre, it is recommended that you should try more or less to archive your most favorite pitch and timbre parameters to sound like Boris The Animal most.

change the pitch and timbre parameters

In the next step, you will learn on how to take advantage of some other powerful voice efffects in Voice Changer Software Diamond – the Equalizer and the Effects.

Step 2: Enhance the output voice with the Equalizer and the Effects

– Expand the Advanced effects panel and switch to the Equalizer tab.

– Click on the On/Off (1) button to turn the Equalizer on

– Make change to each slider at a time while speaking into the mircrophone to pre-listening to how you sound like.

– The below parameters are recommended.

adjust equalizer band

The coming part is very important and you may find that most those special audio effects for Halloween are available for Diamond Edition only.

– Switch to Effects tab

– Click on the On/Off button to turn the Effects on

– Check on Tweedledums checkbox of Halloween to choose.

adjust effects band

The tutorial for Boris The Animal voice is ended here. And, another thing we’d want to add up is that you are always able to make it better than this tutorial with your own mix-up audio effects that come with Voice Changer Software Diamond.

For instant use

– Download the Boris nickvoice from here.
– To learn how to use the preset of voice changer software, click here.
– You also add scary Background Effect and add more scary Effect to add more flavor for Halloween tricks


Five new things you can do with iOS 7

iOS 7 not only looks different than iOS 6, but it also contains many new features that the previous iteration didn’t do. We’ve picked out five great new features in iOS 7, which was released September 18th, for you to check out!

Block phone numbers

Everyone has a list of numbers they never want to pick up. It might contain annoying relatives, ex-lovers, or random spam. Being able to block people is convenient and indispensable, allowing you to forget that those people ever existed.

To add a blocked number to the list, simply go to “Phone Settings” and select “Blocked”. Then,  just add the numbers you want to remain hidden.


If you have a change of heart, you can always remove blocked numbers from the list. Just hit the “Unblock” button to receive calls from those numbers.
New flashlight

Apple has added an official flashlight button right to the Control Center. In iOS 6 and earlier versions, you would have to use a third party app to do the same. With one simple tap of the icon in the lower left hand corner, you can illuminate dark locations.  The flashlight will remain on until the button is pressed again to turn it off.


Balancing act

The iPhone accelerometer is a neat feature you could previously use to operate your device (such as shaking your device to undo previous actions) and to see if a surface is level.

In iOS 7, there is a new visual indicator. Just swipe left and see two white circles against a black background. The number in the center will indicate your device’s degree of inclination.


When the two circles overlap completely, it means that the surface is completely flat. The circles will then turn green and the number will be a perfect zero.

Save password to all Apple devices

Most everyone has tons of passwords, making it hard to remember them all (if you can really remember them all, it could also be that you have too few passwords that are too short and simple).

With iOS 7 you can make use of iCloud Keychain. Activate this feature by entering Safari, selecting “Passwords and Autofill” and selecting “Always Allow”.

image-4-378x568Once this feature is running, all passwords will be stored and encrypted into iCloud. The nice thing is that iCloud will allow you to use the pass on your other Apple devices such as Mac, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Further, the “Suggest Password” function will allow your device to generate a safe and secure password for those times when you can’t think of one secure enough. Now you won’t have to remember all of those complex passwords!

Update: Apple decided to postpone the iCloud Keychain feature, so it won’t be available in the final version of iOS 7.

AirDrop: exchange everything
Now you no longer have to rely on emails to share photos and other documents. You can now quickly share files between devices via AirDrop. The people you send files to need to be within range, but it’s still a great way to send something hilarious or useful.

Airdrop-official-568x335All you need to do is make yourself visible to share documents. What’s great is that you can decide if you’re visible to all your contacts, or just a select few friends. You can use AirDrop to quickly send lots of files to many people simultaneously. There is also no clutter, as everything gets saved to the correct location: addresses to the address book, photos into the camera roll, and so on.

How to Make Cartoon Creations That Will Amaze Your Children and More

There’s an almost unlimited amount of entertainment to be found on the Internet, including some classic cartoons that any child will love. Did you ever think about changing those cartoons by personalizing them? Imagine how your child will react when they hear their name spoken by the cartoon character! Imagine their surprise when they hear, “Th-th-th-that’s all folks! Now go to bed, Heather!” You could add titles and special text messages over the images as well. “A special Happy Birthday Cartoon for Johnny” would look great across the screen. You could add special effects here and there to add some creative excitement and new surprises for them.

Most movie editing programs will easily add text and also allow you to add in special effects, which usually work best if you insert them at the existing transition points; when the onscreen view changes, put your effect between the two scenes, typically this is done by cutting the file at that point and applying the transition or effect to create an element that does not interrupt the video. You can make it so that just as your child’s favorite superhero launches into the air, suddenly “YOU’RE THE BEST, JENNIFER!” explodes on the screen, just before the hero saves the day. You can easily overdub (that means you replace an original audio portion with new audio) the cartoon, adding in anything you want to say in the voice of the superhero. You can watch as just before the villain gets defeated, the superhero says “This one’s for you, Ethan!”

Replacing audio is a little more technical than adding effects or text. Not all audio programs offer the ability to replace parts of the audio stream in a file. One program that works very well, and in fact has a special filter designed exactly for the purpose of extracting an audio portion and replacing it with one of your own, is AV Voice Changer Software Diamond (VCSD). There are three editions of the program, with the Diamond edition offering a complete set of tools for modifying virtually any audio. Additionally, it also is one of the only programs I know of that can assist you in reproducing almost any voice. With a set of tools that allow simple point and click adjustments, combined with a large library of voice presets that set up the parameters for every kind of voice you can imagine, you can recreate virtually any voice, human or otherwise. Load a preset, or “nickvoice” in, make some minor adjustments to allow for the quality of your voice, and you can change your sex, your age, or become a robot, or a monster, or a famous personality, or anything you can imagine.

You really aren’t limited to cartoons either; old or new movie clips, your own videos, or videos that friends have shared; all of these can easily be reedited and modified with your own creativity. You could do a great mashup by cutting a video into smaller parts, rearranging them and adding in additional dialog, and special effects. Your video editing program will make cutting up and rearranging easy, especially if it displays a timeline and allows drag-and-drop rearranging of clips.

Once you have got your video reedited, you can turn to VCSD for many more audio options. You can sample the voices from the video to make a file of a voice you want to replicate. Then, using a special module, you can practice getting your voice to sound like the target voice, by clicking on and adjusting a point on a graph and by modulating your own pitch and timbre, (the two basic aspects of human speech) you can approximate the other person’s voice. Once you have those settings, you can then speak in that voice through the program and record it, save it, or place it directly into the working file. Imagine the possibilities!

Whatever you decide to do, keep in mind this is a totally fun project. It will be fun deciding what to do, fun finding the best material, fun creating it, and fun producing it. However, the best fun will come when you share it. I hope you get started soon and have a wonderful time.


Top 10 Photography Apps for Android

1. Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express is a photo editing app created by Autodesk Inc. Using Pixlr Express for Android, users can choose from 600 effects and overlays, add text and stickers, and get creative by adding borders. You can download Pixlr Express from the Google Play Store here.


2. Cymera — Camera & Photo Editor

Cymera is a photography app by SK Communications. Cymera app combines a replacement and has tons of photo-editing tools. Users can select from seven different lenses, four shooting modes, more than 20 filters, and can add decorating effects to make photos unique. You can download Cymera from the Google Play Store here.


3. Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is Adobe’s free photo-editing app for Android. Easily crop, adjust color, rotate images, and choose from a selection of artistic effects to make your photo stand out. You can download Adobe Photoshop Express from the Google Play Store here.


4. Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo-editing app developed by Nik Solution. Snapseed lets users edit existing and captured images. Adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation with swiping gestures. Add black and white, vintage, drama, or grunge effects to turn your snapshots into high-quality photos. You can download Snapseed from the Google Play Store here.


5. QuickPic

QuickPic is a gallery-replacement app that offers great built-in features. Quickly browse through photos on your Android device, and hide photos and videos you don’t want your friends or family members to see. Use editing tools to rotate images, shrink, crop, and create wallpapers. QuickPic is convenient and easy to use. You can download QuickPic from the Google Play Store here.


6. PicSay — Photo Editor

With PicSay Android app, users can get creative by adding word bubbles, clip-art graphics and word art titles. Apply photo-editing basics like contrast, color temperature, and add cool effects. When you’re done editing your photos, share your them with friends on social networking sites. You can download PicSay from the Google Play Store here.


7. Photo Editor by Aviary

Photo Editor is a photo-editing app developed by Aviary Inc. Recently updated to Version 2.1, it now allows users to change brightness, saturation and contrast in the same app. Also add frames, stickers, draw, and make your photos into memes. You can download Photo Editor by Aviary from the Google Play Store here.


8. PicsArt — Photo Studio

With the Pics Art photo-editing app, users can draw on photos, make collages, take photos or choose from existing photos. Effects include FX, artistic, pop art, paper, distort, colorsplash, and being able to make corrections to fix red eye. Add more life to your photos by checking out the PicsArt shop for free collage background and clip art graphics. You can download PicsArt from the Google Play Store here.


9. Photo Grid- Collage Maker

If you’re into making collages, you’ll want to download Photo Grid Collage Maker app by Roid App. Photo Grid has four different collage editors including Grid HD, H&W HD, Single HD and Sketch Guru. Select up to nine photos and and start editing within the app right away. Photo Grid has a simple interface and makes collage making fun. You can download Photo Grid — Collage Maker from the Google Play Store here.


10. Photo Editor

Photo Editor is a photography app created by Macgyver. Photo Editor offers users a large selection of photo editing tools including color adjustment, auto contrast, auto tone, sepia, and more. The app comes with a pinch-to-zoom interface so its easy to get the photos to look the way you want. Edit photos from your camera or gallery and save them as JPEG, PNG, or on your SD card. You can download Photo Editor from the Google Play Store here.



Cool Screensaver Software For Download

Digital Talking Parrot

Digital Talking Parrot is strictly for fun. This free screensaver simulates a talking parrot, but like the real thing, Digital Talking Parrot can learn, remember, and repeat what you teach it.

  • You can change background where you want Digital Talking Parrot to be at. Currently this free screensaver has 4 backgrounds to choose: Green, Lake, Room, and Waterfall.
  • And you can easily make it “shut up” or not to “hear”, by turning off speakers or microphone.

Fantastic Ocean 3D Screensaver
Fantastic Ocean 3D takes you on a peaceful flight over the ocean, which is carefully recreated in true 3D. The effect is magical. It looks as if you were gliding on a paraglide several feet above the waves.

Tropical Island Escape 3D Screensaver

Tropical Island Escape – It’s time for you to take that vacation you deserve and escape from it all. Relax in style on your own tropical island and listen to the gentle ocean waves lapping on the beach. Are you tired of cold weather and dreary rain? This is your ticket to paradise on your computer, a beautiful animated tropical island is displayed for you to enjoy.

The screensaver features three different scenes including a gorgeous sunset. Watch the dolphins jump and play or listen to tropical animals such as herons, monkeys, and parrots. A bright Caribbean music track is even included for you to enjoy. The screensaver is fully customizable allowing you to disable any scene, change how long scenes are shown, display the date and time, include your own custom message, and many other settings. A special blending function to create stunning scenes you really have to see for yourself to believe.

3D Fish School Screensaver

3D Fish School Screensaver features schools of up to 100 marine or freshwater fish swimming among bubbles within an animated underwater backgrounds. The screensaver allows you to choose from saltwater or freshwater virtual aquarium or you can turn it into a sea bottom enjoying very soothing underwater effects and sounds. The screensaver comes with controls that allow you to set the quantity of fish or bubbles as fish swim their way around. If you have multi-monitors or a widescreen TV, you can enjoy a huge fish tank by using the multi-monitors settings of the screen saver.

Top 10 New Free Android Games

We dug deep in the Google Play Store to bring you new action, arcade, and strategy games for Android. Hope you discover some cool new free games!

1.Eden to Green

Eden to Green is a casual-strategy game developed by Zynga. Aliens have come and destroyed all of the natural resources of Eden, and there are only small plants and trees left. Eden can only survive if it has Europhia, the natural energy. Players will need to create an army of plants and fight against the alien machines to restore Eden. Choose between Expansion, Offensive, and Defensive plants to execute your counter-attack against the machines in over 70 different maps. Eden to Green is an addictive and fast-paced filled with over 40 plants and trees. You can download Eden to Garden from the Google Play Store here.

2. Pocket League Story 2

Pocket League Story 2 is the sequel to Pocket League Story by Kairosoft Co, Ltd, the developers of the ever popular Game Dev Story.In this game, players will scout out promising coaches and players, and will build the perfect dream team, to lead to international soccer stardom. A multiplayer mode in beta testing allows users to go head-to-head with players from around the world. Challenge friends and try to earn some extra bonus points. Build a fan base, and connect with corporate sponsors. Take on some of the best teams in the world and play in rain, snow, and more. You can download Pocket League Story 2 from the Google Play Store here.

3. Fishing Game

Fishing Game is a sports game developed by Super Entertaining. Play as a small fish alone in the ocean, and help him survive through the dangerous waters. Be sure to avoid enemies, otherwise you will get eaten! Simply tap the screen and move your fingers around and eat as much small fish as you can to grow. You can download Fishing Game from the Google Play Store here.

4. Retroid

Retroid is a new arkanoid arcade game by Tauriss. Players will need to test their skills to see if they can break all the bricks in over 15 levels per episode. The gameplay is retro style, the graphics are fun, and the music so groovy! Retroid is by far one of the best brick breaker games for Android. You can download Retroid from the Google Play Store here.

5. Rivals at War: 2084

Rivals at War: 2084 is an action game developed by HotHead Games. Humanity discovered alien technology, and now the universe is opening up, giving more space between the planets. Forces around the solar system now need to battle for supremacy. Players must rise and become a leader to fight against invaders. Recruit commanders and soldiers and plot conquest of the galaxy across 75 different planets. Each planet offers a different mission and reward. Complete a mission, and you will unlock the next. Challenge your Facebook friends and go to war. You can download Rivals at War: 2084 from the Google Play Store here.

6. Empire Four Kingdoms

Empire: Four Kingdoms is a new strategy game developed by Goodgame Studios. Players will construct fortresses, fight enemies, and establish a flourishing economy. Equip troops with numerous weapons, upgrade your castle and make it invincible, and gather resources and boost your economy. Go on exciting adventures and increase your wealth and fame. Explore four different kingdoms and compete with thousands of other players. You can download Empire: Four Kingdoms from the Google Play Store here.

7. Busy Beaver

Busy Beaver is a tetris-style arcade game developed by Pawel Aleksander Fedorynski. Players will need to collect as many pieces as they can to earn points. Gain superpowers by collecting flour identical pieces in a row. The game play is fast-paced, so try not to let blocks fall on your head! Have fun competing with your friends and make your way to the top of the leaderboards. You can download Busy Beaver from the Google Play Store here.

8. Kavinksy

Kavinsky, album producer of ‘Outrun,’ has released the first video game ever based on a music record. Defeat villains and shady night creatures as you wander down the main streets of Downtown L.A. Use your best martial arts movies, and deadly weapons, all while listening to the soundtrack. Players also get to drive Kavinsky’s car and speed to outrun opponents. Bonus levels can be played with the camera on your device and augmented reality technology. The gameplay is engaging, and the artwork is incredible. You can download Kavinsky from the Google Play Store here.

9. Skater California

Skater California is a new skating game from Skater Skate. Players can choose from 6 different characters, and skate their way through 100 challenging levels. Test your skills and have fun riding hills, railings, ramps, and jumps, while listening to hip-hop music. Collect trophies and coins to unlock new levels. Bonuses include new decks, trucks, and wheels. You can download Skater California from the Google Play Store here.

10. Space Hero

Space Hero is the latest game from FT Games. Jump from planet to planet, and defeat evil monsters along the way. Use power-ups to take your score into the next dimension. Kill as many evil monsters as you can, and make your way to the leaderboards. If you run out of energy, the game will be over, so move fast! Space Hero is fun and extremely addicting. You can download Space Hero from the Google Play Store here.


Looking for Record & Edit Audio Software? 4 Audacity Alternatives To Try

AV Audio Editor

Great, now you have a decent alternative to use when recording, but what about editing? If you’re looking for a capable yet easy-to-learn application for audio editing, look no further than the AV Audio Editor – FREEWARE


The interface is very nice and uncluttered so it won’t be too hard for you to find what you’re looking for. As the application is considered mid-range by the amount of features it has, you can’t expect too much out of it. However, you can look forward to:

  • Simple tasks such as recording, cutting, copying, and pasting
  • Different sound effects for you to apply to portions of your audio recording
  • The ability configure how the application saves your final product, including the file format, codec, sample rate, channels, bits per sample, and quality level to determine file size
  • Support for AAC, MP4, MP3, FLAC, APE, MPC, OGG, SPX, WV, TTA, and WMA files, which make it very useful.
  • Fully supports all Windows OSs: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Overall, the application doesn’t offer any killer features, but it’s a modest and trustworthy alternative to Audacity that gets the job done. AV Audio Editor is freely available for Windows.

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

For a great alternative audio recorder, check out Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder (AFOAR). This nifty application is available as a Windows program for $39.99, or as well as a free hybrid of a Java-based web application and binary files which works under Windows and Mac OS X. If you choose to use the Java-based web application, you’ll need to click on “Run” to allow the application to work after you click on “Start Recording” from the website.


Using the application is rather straightforward — you hit the Start button to begin recording, and during recordings you can hit Pause or Stop. You can then save those recordings onto your computer and continue editing them using another application. While that doesn’t sound all too exciting, this application is actually very useful because it allows you to choose between different input sources. This means that not only can you choose between multiple microphones if you happen to have multiple ones connected to your computer at the same time, but you can also choose to record your system’s sound. This gives you far more flexibility in your recording options.
AFOAR allows you to save your recordings as MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, and WAV files. Because all of these file formats are so common, you can use them with any other audio editing software without issues.


Additionally, you can schedule a recording at a certain time. I’m not totally sure how this could be useful, but it’s nice to see included.
Taken together, the Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder will allow you to:

  • Record sound via a Java-based browser app
  • Reccord fromdifferent input sources, including multiple microphones or system sound
  • Save your recordings as MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, and WAV files
  • Schedule recordings.


If you’re looking for a more powerful audio editor, it’s well worth to check out Wavosaur. Although it has a rather funny name, don’t underestimate it for a second. This behemoth is the complete opposite of what AV Audio Editor offers; so it’ll be very difficult to use if you don’t know what you’re doing. This statement is further intensified by the fact that its interface is far more cluttered than that of AV Audio Editor.


With Wavosaur, you can:

  • Multiple Channel Recording and Multiple Input Recording
  • Do usual tasks of cutting, copying, and pasting
  • Looping and other automation tasks
  • Synthesize sounds and run many different analytical tools, such as (3D) spectrum analysis, sonograms, and input/output oscilloscopes

The higher end analytical tools produce some very interesting output that can give experienced users a wealth of information.

Although I know far less about what all of the graphs really represent, I do enjoy looking at the 3D spectrum analysis and moving it around to see it from all angles. Besides these, there are plenty of other tools available that give you more information and control that most users probably need.
Wavosaur isn’t quite as good as Audacity, as it is not cross-platform and misses a few other features such as amplitude envelope editing, change pitch without changing tempo, change tempo without changing pitch, floating point encoding, multi-track mixing support, vinyl emulation, and virtual software instruments. However, it’s nice to know that a relatively powerful audio application is available.
Wavosaur is freely available for Windows.

Linux MultiMedia Studio

If you’re a Linux user, don’t feel left out! One of the best alternatives for you to try out is Linux MultiMedia Studio, or LMMS for short, which is surprisingly available for Windows as well. After looking at its feature list, you can tell that this audio editor is made more for song creation rather than generic audio editing. Features include:

  • Song-Editor for composing songs
  • A Beat+Bassline-Editor for creating beats and basslines
  • An easy-to-use Piano-Roll for editing patterns and melodies
  • An FX mixer with 64 FX channels and arbitrary number of effects allow unlimited mixing possibilities
  • Many powerful instrument and effect plugins out of the box
  • Full user-defined track-based automation and computer-controlled automation sources
  • Compatible with many standards such as SoundFont2, VST(i), LADSPA, GUS Patches, and MIDI
  • Import of MIDI files, Hydrogen project files and FL Studio ® project files

Of course, the application also records from numerous sources and supports MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, and WAV files to maintain compatibility with virtually all other audio editors. LMMS also comes with a very intriguing interface which, although not the easiest to master, provides lots of functionality.